Historical Evolution of the enforcement of ethics in the World of football


  • Cesar A. Giner Alegría San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (Spain)
  • Joel González Bonilla San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (Spain)


ética, integridad, fútbol, creación, código ético


This article is of particular objective to see how the competent organizations regulate some matters of great importance such as ethics and integrity in the world of football. We will talk about the member states, the ¨Consejo Superior de Deportes¨ said entity is the maximum responsible of sports and the royal Spanish football federation. We will observe how and in what direction its guidelines are directed with the main objective to be able to make this sport a dignified and protected place. We will also speak with special emphasis on two major organizations in the world of football, La Liga and UEFA. In both I have had the pleasure to work with and observe which is the path they want to follow and which are the main concerns that exist in this area. We will also conclude by explaining what are the benefits that we will obtain by creating an ethical code.


Keyworks: Ethics; integrity; football; creating; ethical code.


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