Judicial Process (II). Evolution and development in the History of Law

Science articles

Procedural progress and culture in the ecclesiastical justice

Manuel Jesús Arroba Conde

19-44 |

The value of jurisprudence in Roman Law and in Roman tradition

Giovanni Luchetti

95-121 |

Notes, current status of research and bibliographic review

The process as a locus of dialogue for the search for truth

Antonio Iaccarino

267-278 |

Synodality today, in light of the Second Vatican Council

Emile Kouveglo

279-297 |

Quaesitor and border security: reflections on the Nov. 80 of Justinian

José Luis Zamora Manzano

299-330 |

The experience of mercy in Saint Augustine

Jose Alberto Cánovas Sánchez

347-359 |