Migrants and refugees in the Law (IV). Historic evolution, current situation and unsolved questions

Science articles

Migrants from Eastern Catholic Churches in Germany

Burkhard J. Berkmann

19-29 |

Human dignity beyond borders: an ecclesiastical argument for the rights of forced migrants

Luis R. Guzmán, Brittany Smith

31-45 |

Gendering migration: securitization and integration media narratives in Europe

Juan José Delgado Morán, Fulvia Teano

93-126 |

Historical Evolution of the enforcement of ethics in the World of football

Cesar A. Giner Alegría, Joel González Bonilla

127-140 |

Notes, current status of research and bibliographic review

Book Review

Luis Rodríguez Ennes

199-206 |

Historical analysis of the factors of transformation and evolution of Law

Francisco J. Aranda Serna

207-230 |