Migration serves as a political instrument in many EU countries now. Especially in recent times, Germany has become a leader in this area. Migration is the cause of xenophobia and racism in Europe. The political movements, mostly, radical right-wing parties, criticizing migration have been making significant progress. In order to come to power, they are covering different areas and sectors. They are not only dealing with a migration problem but also oppose EU mobility and the euro. Their goal is to save their nation as a state. Numbers (by the number of migrants) and words (by value) are viewed as a real threat to security and national identity. There are many who say that a national state in Europe is fading. How close it is to reality is an open issue. It is the beginning of the crisis of capitalism based on liberal values. That is why capitalism has begun to migrate to Europe. Today, Europe is moving to a new stage in the post-industrial era and, therefore, remains in the limiting migration and multicultural society.


Keywords: migration; migrants; human rights; “migration crisis”; European Union; refugee; asylum seekers.