Migrants and refugees in the law (II). Historic evolution, current situation and unsolved questions.

Science articles

Is it possible to mitigate African migration towards the European Union?

Armando Alvares García Junior

65-116 |

The legacy of the captive woman

Aurora López Gueto

117-153 |

Hiketeia and asylia in ancient Greek mythical and political thought

Eleni Alexandri, Stergiani Tzirvitzi

171-200 |

The current situation of refugees in the light of the international legal order

José Miguel Calvillo Cisneros

219-249 |

Notes, current status of research and bibliographic review

Byzantium: aesthetics of landscape, favour of God

Francesca Galgano

279-300 |

Legal and religious perspective of interfaith marriages in Spain

José María Martí Sánchez

327-353 |