Sine testibus tabulariis: a late-twelfth century civilian notabilium in memory of Professor Dr. Peter Landau


  • Bruce C. Brasington West Texas A&M University (Texas)


Sine testibus tabulariis, Authenticum, Authenticae, Brocarda, Gratian, Notabilia, Novels


Sine testibus tabulariis, a late twelfth-century notabilium, is preserved in Oxford, University College MS. 117. It originally belonged to St. Augustine’s at Canterbury. This anonymous work appears to be entirely drawn from the Authenticum. The essay provides a transcription of Sine testibus and then a comparison of the work with similar, contemporary texts from the Anglo-Norman world. It concludes with a brief consideration of the notabilium’s purpose.

Keywords: Sine testibus tabulariis; Authenticum; Authenticae; Brocarda; Gratian; Notabilia; Novels. 



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