Migrants represent an opportunity to the cities by providing their knowledge and way of life. It’s important to take into account that the world which emerged from the Alexander Magnus’ conquest was no exception. In fact, for years alongside his army, Magnus immersed all over the Middle East until arriving at the Indus river. This period led to the migration originated from those lands; but then, at the same time, a large influx of Greeks arrived towards the new conquered lands leaving their mark. Alexander Magnus’ quest was not only military, but also cultural, creating cities named “Alejandría”, one of them still surviving in Egypt, despite the fact that a large part of it in the bottom of the sea and the archeological remains of some of the more distant ones. In that way, Alexander’s world and its configuration, which was continuously created during his passage through those lands on the East interacting with the different peoples, has left its mark. In consequence of this, to one of the most important migrations of ancient times, making his legacy still alive in the present day.


Keywords: migration; barbarians; cultural assimilation; armed conflicts.