Perhaps the example of the progressive universalization of Roman citizenship helps to build a theoretical framework that allows supporting the praxis aimed at solving the complexity of the construction of Europe, which must also take into account the current processes migratory and forced displacement of people who, essentially, have as their goal the European territory. The proposed work is based on a textual analysis of the Constitutio Antoniniana of Caracalla, without forgetting other passages, such as the speech of Emperor Claudius in AD 48, recorded by Tacitus (Annals, XI, 23-25), texts by Modestinus and Ulpians in relation to the aforementioned Edict of Caracalla, as well as the reinterpretation of some of those texts made by the exegetical activity of the jurists of the ius commune, in particular, the textual revision at Accursius Gloss on roman sources.


Keywords: Roman citizenship; migratory processes; forced displacement; Constitutio of Caracalla; Accursius Gloss.