As we know, in the classic Latin, the Middle ages and the Modern age, the adjective universitas refers to a group of goods (universitates rerum) or persons (universitates personarum). We also know that the first name of the original institution of high studies is Studium generale. In 1203 is introduced the denomination of Universitas (magistrorum-scholarium-studiorum generalium). For six centuries - until the 18th century, included – this name will compete with that one and with other denominations (Academy- Gymnasium), until it remains as the only one in the 19th century.. Furthermore the adjective universitas, that had had – through the 19th century – different meanings, finally has - in the 20th century – only one meaning. This doesn't happen -since the 19th century- with the adjective facultas, that preserves its polyvalent value. The study is based mainly on primary sources and secondly on monographs published by those illustrious editors since the end of the 19th century and, for Spain, since the second half of the 20th century.


Keywords: Universitas; Studium Generale; Middles ages; Modern ages.