Innocent III and his time

From 'absolute' papal monarchy to the Fourth Lateran Council

Science articles

Innocent III, Peter of Benevento and the history of Spain

Damian J. Smith

85-97 |

Innocent III (1198-1216) and the universitas studiorum [1203 → 1917/1983/1990]

Fernando Betancourt–Serna

131-173 |

Notes, current status of research and bibliographic review

Marriage in the Castilian Territorial Law and the regulation of Pope Innocent III

Pablo José Abascal Monedero

235 - 247 |

Innocent III between law and society: customs, scandals and the popular consent

Raffaella Bianchi Riva

249-271 |

Means of access and use of power in Byzantium

Francesca Galgano

331-342 |

The jus exigendi in the papacy of Innocent III

Simone Rosati

343-350 |