Heresy is a false teaching of the deposit of faith that breaks the communion and undermines the authority of the Church. Traditionally, the Inquisition has been considered as the only medium to combat it, reducing thus all response to the mere repression or persecution. Our job is focus to prove that three will be the areas on which the Church pose response against heresy, corresponding with its triple function, each suited to the three levels at which impacts the heretical attitude: preventive one, with preaching to teach truth and to remove the souls (munus docendi); Another sacramental, with important changes in relation to the confession (munus santificandi), aimed at restoring communion to those who have moved away and, finally, another judicial, (munus regendi), where the authority will try to ultimately force the contrition in the sinner. In addition, in these renovations undertaken in the fields of sacramental and educational, United with the standards laid down in the field of heresy, we'll see how the church gradually cobra awareness of its own
identity, to be able to give an organic problem response to convene the Fourth Council of Lateran.


Keywords: Heresy; tria munera; Inquisition; IV Lateran Council; Innocent III; munus docendi; munus santificandi; munus regendi.